The French confectionary DELICE D'ANGE was created in September 2003 and from the very first days of its existence has conquered the hearts of young and old alike. Every day a freshly baked, rich selection of exquisite delicacies are served for your enjoyment. Delicious croissants and buns, unique almond macaroons, exclusive ice-cream, cakes and pastries filled with wonderful creams, fillings and most important, mouthwatering chocolate.

Our most devoted clientele are of course, the children for whom a special area has been created. Activities, games, drawing, painting figurines allow their imagination to run wild while you enjoy your coffee and pastry. Aspiring chefs? They are all invited to participate in a fun filled Master Class for Kids.

All your birthdays, family celebrations and other special events will be long remembered thanks to our custom-made cakes, fun music, events and many other wonderful experiences.


„There are only two ways to live life: the first, as if miracles do not happen, the second, as if there are miracles all around.“

Albert Einstein.

  • We invite you to join us on an exciting journey to the culinary world of France – the country of gourmets, where our master bakers, filled with love and passion for their craft, share with you their passion for the art of pastry which they studied at the finest schools that France has to offer such as Le Notre and Ferrendy of Paris and Valrhona of Strasbourg.
  • It is our desire to share with you not only our love of delicious masterpieces but also the rich history and culture surrounding the art of pastry baking.
  • We invite you to follow us into this wonderful world where miracles are possible, to indulge you sweet passion on a never-ending culinary journey.

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